RIX Riga Airport is a leader in air cargo transportation in the Baltics, offering multimodal logistics solutions, quality service and favorable cooperation conditions.  The geographical location of Riga is excellent for the flow of goods between east and west.

Continuing to work on the initiated development projects and attracting additional investments in the air cargo handling infrastructure, the goal of RIX Riga Airport is to strengthen its position as the regional aviation cargo handling center.

RIX Riga Airport's operating strategy until 2027 "Skrejceļš 2027" envisages  development of the airport business city "RIX Airport City" concept with hotels, office centers, logistics, aviation cargo and e-commerce warehouses, including further development of the cargo segment and the creation of "RIX  Cargo City ”as a modern and industry-leading aviation cargo handling center.  It is expected to reach 42,000 tonnes of air cargo per year by 2027.