In Latvia, the transit and logistics system also includes long-distance oil and oil product pipelines connecting Russian and Belarusian pipeline system’s to the port of Ventspils and Mazeikiai petroleum refining company in Lithuania.

In Latvia pipline transport is mainly used for transit function. The main pipeline system for oil and petroleum products includes oil pipeline Polotsk - Ventspils and its’ parallel oil pipeline Polock – Biržai- Mažeikiai (Lithuania).

"LatRosTrans" Ltd is the only Latvian oil and petroleum products transportation company, providing transportation of diesel fuel by main pipeline from the Belarusian border to Ventspils. This is the biggest Latvian-Russian joint venture in the Baltics, where Joint Stock Company "Ventspils nafta" owns 66%, while the Russian side partner - Joint Stock Company "Transnefteprodukt" ("Transneft" subsidiary) - 34% of the shares.