In order to facilitate progress towards competitive, comfortable, safe and integrated public transport, railway in Latvia, pursuant to the 2021-2030 public transport concept, is positioned as the backbone of the public transport system. Joint-stock company “Pasažieru Vilciens” is the only provider of inland public transport services that transports passengers by rail in the entire territory of Latvia. T

JSC "Pasažieru vilciens" and JSC "Škoda Vagonka" have signed a contract for the delivery of 32 four-wagon electric trains with 436 seats until the end of 2023, which will gradually replace the existing electric trains. They will have climate control, ergonomic seats, modern amenities. The train will be equipped with video and audio information systems, powerful WiFi connection. Trains will run more smoothly and the noise level in the cabins will be lower. After the launch of the new electric trains, JSC "Pasažieru vilciens" will be able to offer an interval schedule on all electric train routes. This means that on weekday mornings and evenings, which are traditionally the busiest times, trains will run every 15 to 20 minutes.

The Rail Baltica project envisages integrating the Baltic countries into the European rail network, the project will be implemented in four European Union countries: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. According to initial estimates, at least 5 million passengers will use Rail Baltica services annually.

Latvia is a full partner of the international passenger transport network Eurail Group.