In order to facilitate progress towards competitive, comfortable, safe and integrated public transport, railway in Latvia, pursuant to the 2021-2030 public transport concept, is positioned as the backbone of the public transport system. Joint-stock company “Pasažieru Vilciens” is the only provider of inland public transport services that transports passengers by rail in the entire territory of Latvia. The number of passengers continues to grow, and in 2019 it amounted to 18.45 million.

In total, 18.6 million passengers were carried by the infrastructure maintained by JSC Latvijas Dzelzceļš in 2019.

International rail passenger transportation in cooperation with “LDZ CARGO Ltd.” is currently provided to Russia (provided by “L-Ekspresis Ltd.”), Belarus, Lithuania (provided by Ukrainian Railways on the Kiev-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga route), Ukraine (provided by Ukrainian Railways on the Kiev-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga route), and Estonia. In 2019, a total of 180 200 passengers were carried on international routes, which is 8.3% passengers more than in 2018. Traditionally, the highest number of passengers was carried on the Riga-Moscow-Riga route, while Riga-St. Petersburg-Riga route had the second highest number of passengers.

The Rail Baltica project envisages integrating the Baltic countries into the European rail network, the project will be implemented in four European Union countries: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. According to initial estimates, at least 5 million passengers will use Rail Baltica services annually.

Latvia is a full partner of the international passenger transport network Eurail Group.