In today's world, the ability to navigate and use the digital environment is a fundamental part of every business - the new trends and globalization of the market have also dramatically changed the postal sector, which is transforming very fast; from the provision of traditional services to individual and complex e-commerce solutions.

Since 2017, SJSC “Latvian Post” successfully develops new business directions - including cooperation with major e-commerce platforms and transit consignments, as a result directing of China's shipment by air traffic to Latvia for further delivery to recipient countries. In developing this business niche, “Latvian Post” is closely collaborating with several Latvian institutions and organizations, especially with the State Revenue Service Customs Board and Riga Airport.

With its unique expertise in delivering shipments and well-organized mail order processing, efficient sorting, customs and logistic processes, as well as an advanced data exchange solution, “Latvian Post” has gained the trust of Chinese partners, resulting in a shipment increase and the number of served aircrafts.

At the moment, small parcel transportation from China is carried out both by cargo and charter, and passenger airplanes. SJSC “Latvian Post” is working very actively to better processing procedures and offer new delivery destinations.