In 2022 liquid cargo in the port of Liepaja accounted for 4% or 318 thsd. tons cargo from total cargo turnover. The main groups of commodities in this segment are oil products and crude oil. 

Liquid cargo in the port of Liepaja (million tons)

Liquid cargo terminals


LSEZ Ltd. “Transit Terminals” main activity is storing and handling of oil products. The company is the only liquid cargo terminal located outside the Karosta Canal.

Ziemeļu Street 19C, Liepaja, LV-3405, Latvia, tel. +371 22084646,

Glen Oil LSEZ Ltd.

Main activity of LSEZ Ltd. “Glen Oil” is handling and storing of liquid cargo. Company owns the largest storage tanks for liquid cargo in Liepaja port. Company can work with both heated and non-heated oil products.

Pulvera Street 31, Liepaja, LV-3405, Latvia, tel. + 371 29165000,

GI Terminals LSEZ Ltd.

Gl Terminal is a liquid cargo terminal that provides storage and handling of liquid chemistry, mineral oil and petroleum products. The total tank capacity is 18,000 cubic meters.

Ziemeļu Street 19C, Liepaja, LV-3405, Latvia, tel. +371 63441248,



- Transhipment and storage: products - crude oil, oil products, oil chemical products (including all types of heated products);
- Blending and adding additives to the reservoir/ loading ships;
- Testing of oil products (sampling and analysis);
- Water, salt and sediment removal; drying of products (release from water);
- Filling in barrels and other containers; freight forwarding (including rail freight); customs clearance bunkering; ship agency and other services.

Pulvera Street 33, Liepaja, LV-3405, Latvia, tel. +371 63424604,,