Liquid cargo made up 45.9% of the total cargo turnover at Ventspils Freeport and in 2022 it amounted to 6,77 million tons Oil products were the key group of products in this segment. In the area of liquid cargo in Ventspils port, there are six berths that are 11.5m to 17.5m deep. These berths allow to service AFRAMAX ships with 150,000 DWT.

Liquid cargo in the port of Ventspils (million tons)

Liquid Cargo Terminals

Ltd. "Vitol Terminal Latvia"

Cargo types: oil products
Pier: No 30, 33
Pier length: 344 / 360m
Dock depth: 13.5 / 17.0m

Vitol Terminal Latvia is the largest and most technologically advanced transhipment company in the Baltics for oil and oil products. For 55 years the company has been developing very successfully and efficiently on the international level, receiving and storing oil products from Russia and other CIS countries and transhipping them from all over the world.

Telephone: +371 6366 4090. Fax: +371 6362 4341 E-mail:

JSC "Ventbunkers"

Cargo types: oil; oil products.
Pier: No 30, 31, 32, 33
Pier length: 344 - 360m
Dock depth: 13.5 -17.0m

JSC “Ventbunkers” is one of the Ventspils Freeport's leading oil product transhipment terminals, which transmits diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil. The total area of ​​the terminal is 43 hectares and the oil product transhipment capacity reach 7 000 000 tonnes per year. The terminal reservoir park consists of 27 reservoirs (5 000 m³, 10 000 m³ and 20 000 m³) with a total capacity of 355 000 m³. It is possible at the same time to handle 92 wagon tanks on two railways Also it is feasible to tranship fuel oil and diesel to / from tankers - four berths can serve the largest vessels that come into the Baltic Sea – AFRAMA type ships with the 150,000 DWT load.

Dzintaru iela 92,Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvija. Telephone: +371 636 02501. Fax: +371 636 02504

VK Terminal Services

Cargo Types: Ammonia; chemical products; oil products.
Pier: No 34, 35A, 36
Pier length: 190 -296m
Dock depth: 9.5 -14.2m

Ltd “VK Terminal Services” is part of VK Transit holding company, that provides a wide range of services: liquid ammonia, oil and chemical product dumping and storage in shore reservoirs, quality modifications, loading and unloading of cargo in tankers, as well as preparation of necessary documentation. The terminal works 24 hours a day and can accommodate up to 250 rail tanks. Three deepwater berths can accommodate ships up to 100 DWT.

Dzintaru iela 66, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvija. Telephone: +371 6366 3195
E-mail:,  ​

Baltic Juice Terminal

Cargo types: food and feed liquid.
Pier: No.11
Pier length: 294m
Dock depth: 11.0 m

Baltic Juice Terminal (BJT) is a transshipment terminal for various types of food liquid cargo with a total area of 3 ha and a depth of 11 m for tankers, that are intended for tankers with carrying capacity of 60'000 DWT. The terminal is able to handle more than 200,000 MT of various food liquid cargoes per year. The company is equipped with 8,500 m3 stainless steel reservoir park for storing products, car / rail loading / unloading, heating, mixing and barrel filling/emptying equipments, weighing platform, advanced laboratory as well as according to EU Committee requirements ((EC) Nr. .853 / 2004) with a warehouse for certified food products (1800 m2). Thanks to its location in the non- freezing Ventspils harbour area, BJT is an outstanding solution for handling and storing liquid cargoes with the possibility of reducing transport costs.

Dzintaru iela 3a, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvija. Telephone: +371 636 34577. Fax: +371 636 34566


Cargo types: chemical products
SIA VARS carries out transportation of liquid chemical products (acrylic acid nitrile).

Dzintaru iela 22/7, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvija. Telephone: +371 636 63003. Fax: +371 636 63223

Ltd. Ventall Termināls

Cargo types: chemical products; oil products
Pier: No 35A. 36
Pier length: 230m
Dock depth: 12m

Ltd. “Ventall Terminal” is part of VK Transit holding company and is engaged in receiving, storing and loading light oil products onto ships. Total area leased from Freeport of Ventspils is 70 386 m². The terminal can handle up to 2,000,000 tons of cargo per year. The terminal owns seven reservoirs (2 x 3000 m³, 5 x 20,000 m³) with a total capacity of 106,000 m³, as well as three rail tank pouring platforms with 66 rail tank discharing points. Two deepwater piers can accommodate ships with 25 DWT up to 100 DWT.

Dzintaru iela 66, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvija. Telephone: +371 636 60703
E-mail: office@vent-all.lv