A special application, Galileo Green Lane, has been set up to monitor the situation at the border checkpoints of the Member States of the European Union during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March, the European Commission published "Green Belt" guidelines for major freight corridors in order not to stop the movement of goods between Member States during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is necessary for maintaining European Union's single internal market, ensuring that all supplies of goods, including essential medical supplies, continues to be delivered during pandemic to the European countries. Amid  the pandemic, Member States have reintroduced border controls, which require additional time to cross borders thus its not always smooth.  A dedicated Galileo Green Lane application has been set up to monitor the situation at the Member States' border checkpoints.  The operation of the application is based on the data of the European satellite navigation system "Galileo", providing information on the border crossing situation and congestion on the TEN-T European Transport Network.  You can get acquainted with the operation of the Galileo Green Lane application, receive additional information, as well as download the application on the following website -