The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation informs that as of April 6, 2020 transit of sanctioned goods to third countries by road and rail using electronic navigation seals is allowed through the territory of the Russian Federation. Sealing services in the territory of the Russian Federation are performed by the - Digital Platforms Development Center LLC (operator). To perform the shipment the carrier needs to:

  1. Register in the operator's system. Registration is free. It is possible to register on the operator's website  or in the operator's service offices that are located at the road and rail transport border checkpoints and stationary and mobile road and rail transport control points of the Russian Federation. On the Russian side of the Latvian-Russian border, the operator's service offices are located at the border checkpoints of Burachki and Ubilinka and at the railway border checkpoint – station Sebezh.
  2. Conclude a contract with operator about the tracking of cargo during transportation. This is a paid service.
  3. Provide information to the operator about the cargo at least two hours prior entering above mentioned checkpoints.
  4. Pay a deposit to the operator for using electronic seal during transportation before starting shipment. 

To perform a transit of sanctioned goods to third countries, the carrier may enter and exit the territory of Russia only through the above-mentioned control points where the operator's service offices are located. The decision regarding the activation and deactivation of electronic seals shall be made by the responsible officials after the inspection of cargo documents at these control points.

More information on procedure for transit of sanctioned goods to third countries through the territory of Russia: or by phone 8 800 550 4334 or + 7 499 755 4334 (information in Russian or English) or by email

The list of sanctioned items has been approved in accordance with Government of the Russian Federation decision - ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВО РОССИЙСКОЙ ФЕДЕРАЦИИ ПОСТАНОВЛЕНИЕ от 7 августа 2014 г. № 778 О мерах по реализации указов Президента Российской Федерации от 6 августа 2014 г. № 560, от 24 июня 2015 г. № 320, от 29 июня 2016 г. № 305, от 30 июня 2017 г. № 293, от 12 июля 2018 г. № 420 и от 24 июня 2019 г. № 293.
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