Boreder management programme in Centra Azia (BOMKA)

The programme is implemented by a consortium of EU institutions and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development and led by the State Border Guard for the Republic of Latvia

The programme aims to improve security and stability, and to ensure sustainable growth in the region, as well as to support cross-border cooperation through integrated border management. BOMCA 10 includes four components: institutional development of border management agencies, improvement of infringement detection and investigation capacities, facilitation of legal cross-border trade, and improvement of cross-border cooperation.  

The SRS National Customs Board has been identified as the institution responsible for the implementation of the activities under the third component. In order to ensure the implementation of the BOMCA 10 activities aimed at facilitation of legal cross-border trade, the SRS National Customs Board will cooperate with the Food and Veterinary Service and the International Business and Customs Institute of Riga Technical University.     

The SRS National Customs Board has already initiated the first activities by organizing online technical assistance missions to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on analysis of the applicable legislation on transit.

BOMCA is the leading programme in Central Asia financed by the EU. The total funding of BOMCA 10 is EUR 21.65 million. The programme is implemented in five countries of Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.